Download the Teachers’ Resource Kit and have a chance to win an amazing trip to Athens. Email us your feedback and get a second chance to win!

Download the Teachers’ Resource Kit that the English Teachers’
Association prepared to support the Martin-Lysicrates Prize.
There are eleven lessons, all very hands-on and participatory.

The lessons explore today’s themes in ancient plays, and inform how kids can create their own poems and plays, how they can analyse a great new Australian play, and how they can learn to judge plays.

It’s a whole treasure house specially developed for years 7 and 8 school classes and we want you as a teacher to send an email to hello@martinlysicrates.com.au giving us your views of the kit and how you used it in the classroom. Teachers that submit these few lines will get an additional entry in the competition.

The name of the winner of the trip to Athens will be drawn on 30 November 2019, and announced on martinlysicrates.com.au on that day.

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Remember to email your feedback for
a second entry in the competition!

Martin-Lysicrates Prize 2019