Take a look and decide if you want to use any of it to prepare your class for viewing the plays when they appear on this website on 16th September 2019.

The kit is a comprehensive store of content and classroom activities covering the development of theatre and democracy from their beginnings in ancient Greece, as well as the fascinating story of Sir James Martin, a giant of public life in colonial NSW.

Working through the eleven lessons in the kit is a great way to prepare classes to watch the performances and cast their votes. There are eleven lessons, all very hands-on and participatory.

The lessons explore today’s themes in ancient plays and inform how kids can create their own poems and plays, how they can analyse a great new Australian play, and how they can learn to judge plays. It’s a whole treasure house specially developed for years 7 and 8 school classes.

And there are lots of opportunities for kids to be creative by expressing themselves through writing their own plays and poems and taking photos.

Download the kit now!